0Princess of Humiliation

Princess of Humiliation



Panties are just panties unless they belonged to the Princess!


Panties - $50

Bra - $50

Hairbrush - $75

Pantyhose - $75

Socks - $30

You know the thought of it turns you on - my panties, arriving at your doorstep, stilling like my gorgeous Princess pussy!  Just let me know what you'd like during our call & I'll ship it right to you, Slut!  Remember, all items will arrive, personalized with my scent.  Shipping is free and all items are shipped in a plain brown envelope. Just call me and tell me what you crave, Loser! 

 Princess Lindy - 1-888-711-3118

Humiliation phone sex sessions cost $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum and are billed discreetly to your credit or debit card.

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